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Submitted on
April 22, 2012


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Commission Info (Points/Cash): CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 6:00 AM
:new: Clarifying this since many people seem to don't get it: if you want me to draw any kind of artwork for you, but you tell me "draw me a neko maid" or "draw my oc with a mage outfit" or anything like that I WILL CHARGE YOU EXTRA
That is because I'm not only working to do the artwork for you, but also a custom design!
So anything you want me to draw that doesn't have a VISUAL reference will cost you more! Please remember that! ;A;
Stuff like "draw my oc with this outfit *link* " is perfectly fine of course! As long as you give me an exact reference of what you want you won't be charged anything more!


:new: Added a point payment option too! Remember, 1 EUR = 120 :points:
Also, added 25% discounts for commissions that include OCs you've adopted from me, or my own OCs (like a commission requesting your character hanging out with my character)


Hi again my kittens! <3
As I told you in my previous journal, I'm finally opening commissions! <3 Earlier than I thought, but I was able to gather enough time to make up this journal today xD
Right now I'm not offering all the styles I can do (like semi-realism, painted, doll, fake screenshot, visual novel, pixels etc.) 'cause I'm a bit busy, but all my "main" styles are avaible <3
Hope you find something you like! >u<


---Avaible Styles:
|| Chibi || Semichibi || Moe || Regular || Ecchi/R18 || Dakimakura || Pony || Reference Sheet ||

.:Coming Soon:.
|| Icon / Pixels || Fake Screenshot || Chibi Doll || Kira Pop || Semi-Realism || Custom Designs ||

---Extras and Discounts
---Will / Won't Do list
---Payment and Terms of Service
---Order Form

Keep scrolling down for info! <3

:bulletpink:CG Chibi:bulletpink:
Little cute Alice by Desiree-UApple Adoptables (Points/USD) by Desiree-UChibi commissions batch by Desiree-U

€5/6.50USD/600 :points:  + €4/5USD/480 :points: for extra character

:bulletpink:Soft shaded Chibi:bulletpink:
Kushii by Desiree-U:CP: On Dark Nights by Desiree-UChibi commissions batch by Desiree-U

€8/10.50USD/960 :points: + €6.50/8.50USD/780 :points: for extra character

:bulletpink:Animated Chibi:bulletpink:
Kissu Kissu Kasumi (animated) by Desiree-U:CM: Hello there! (ANIMATED + SPEEDPAINT) by Desiree-U

€6.50/8.50USD/780 :points: for blinking+change of face expression only
Prices will be discussed for other animation types.

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

:bulletpink:CG Semichibi:bulletpink:
PokeChibi Adoptables -Hana- by Desiree-UCM -Loli Ann the raggedy doll by Desiree-U

€8/10.50USD/960 :points: + €6.50/8.50USD/780 :points: for extra character

:bulletpink:Soft shaded Semichibi:bulletpink:
:CP: Alphonse by Desiree-UCM for DigitalGidget by Desiree-Ul o s t by Desiree-U:AT: Little Humming Bird by Desiree-U:CM: Purrfect Gift by Desiree-U

€12/15.50USD/1440 :points: + €10/13USD/1200 :points: for extra character

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

:bulletpink:Cell Shade:bulletpink:
:HBD: La Mia Preziosa Fragolina by Desiree-U :CM: What does a Sin taste like? by Desiree-U
Anatomy/style difference between regular and moe style shown here ->…

Halfbody: €14/18USD/ :points: + €12/15,50USD/ :points: for extra character
Fullbody: €18/23USD/2640 :points: price is PER character *double for couple, etc.*

:bulletpink:Soft Shade:bulletpink:
Did you forget me? by Desiree-UBeautiful Morning by Desiree-U:AT: Precious Rotten Doll by Desiree-U:CM: A Rose that blooms at Night by Desiree-U:CM: Loli Tea Time by Desiree-U
Anatomy/style difference between regular and moe style shown here ->…

Halfbody: €16/21USD/1920 :points: + €15/20USD/1800 :points: for extra character
Fullbody: €22/29USD/2640 :points: price is PER character *double for couple, etc.*

:bulletpink:Simple CG:bulletpink:
Simple cg sample ovo by Lady-MysteryX3:CM: Cute but Tough! by Desiree-U:HBD/CP: A Song Only for You by Desiree-U:CM: C-call me maybe...? by Desiree-U

Halfbody: €10/13USD/1200 :points: + €8/10USD/960 :points: for extra character
Fullbody: €15/20USD/1800 :points: + €13/17USD/1560 :points: for extra character

:bulletpink:Detailed CG:bulletpink:
CM -Ninja Zoroark Gijinka by Desiree-UHappy Birthday Toneeeeh o3o by Desiree-U:CE: Clothes Swap! by Desiree-U:CM: Creamy Feathers by Desiree-U

Halfbody: €15/20USD/1800 :points: + €13/17USD/1560 :points: for extra character
Fullbody: €20/26USD/2400 :points: price is PER character *double for couple, etc.*

:bulletpink:Detailed Soft Shading:bulletpink:
CM -Don't need wings to be an angel by Desiree-U:CE: Catch me if you can! by Desiree-U:CM: Is it morning already...? by Desiree-U:CE: Strawberry Paradise by Desiree-U:CM: Pink Fluffiness by Desiree-U:CM: Peaceful Training (+ SPEEDPAINT!) by Desiree-U.:You Make Me Reach Heavens:. by Desiree-U:NYE: To a New Year, Together by Desiree-U

Halfbody: €20/26USD/2400 :points: + €18/23.50USD/2160 :points: for extra character
Fullbody: €26/34USD price is PER character *double for couple, etc.* [Not avaible for points]

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Ecchi/Sexy special+Dakimakura
PC 37 -I just wanted to taste it...! by Desiree-U:AT: Wanna take a bite? by Desiree-U:CM: 'Til the last drops by Desiree-U
:bulletpink:Info HERE:bulletpink:
(not here 'cause of different order form/rules)

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

:bulletpink:Flats OR Show style :bulletpink:
Pony Adopts (CLOSED) by Desiree-UMLP-Grand Galloping Gala contest by Desiree-U

€5/6.50USD/600 :points: + €4/5USD/480 :points: for extra character

:bulletpink:Soft Shading:bulletpink:
HBD gift - Brohoof anyone? by Desiree-UMLP Eagle Soul by Desiree-U:AT: It tastes like Strawberries! by Desiree-U

€8/10.50USD/960 :points: + €6.50/8.50USD/780 :points: for extra character
*please note that my pony style is incosistent and may change; if you want a particular style seen in a pic of mine, tell me!

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Reference sheets
:bulletpink:"Cheap" Reference sheet:bulletpink:
Melantha ref sheet by Lady-MysteryX3

€5/6.50USD/600 :points:
Very basic and quick reference for your oc, includes flat colored semichibi+color swatches

:bulletpink:Regular Reference sheet:bulletpink:
:Cedric Reference Sheet by Desiree-U:PC: Ref Sheet Sample by Desiree-U  (<-old)

€25/33USD/3000 :points:
Standard reference for your oc, includes 2 flat colored fullbodies (front+back view)+color swatches+one detail shot or pet/prop

:bulletpink:Deluxe Reference sheet:bulletpink:
*sample coming soon*

€70-90/92-118USD [No points] Sorry if it's so expensive OTL; it does get a lot of time and effort ;A;
Detailed reference for your oc, includes 1 CG'd fullbody (front view)+ 1 flat colored fullbody (back view)+4/5 flat colored semichibis with different outfits (designed by me) + color swatches + min.2/max. 4  detail shots/props/pets + basic info/bio

:bulletpink:Pony Reference sheet:bulletpink:
Ponysona Reference by Desiree-U

€15/20USD/1800 :points:
Standard reference for your pony, includes flat colored pony + 2 MLP:FiM style pony with different face expressions/features (or detail/face shots if you prefer) + cutie mark + color swatches

:bulletpink:Custom Reference sheet:bulletpink:
Leviathan Ref Sheet by Desiree-UPokemon OC: Argento by Desiree-USA Application.:Smiley:. by Desiree-U

*please inquire for price*
The avaible ref sheet options don't appeal you? Looking for something more unique or specific widgets? Like something from a ref sheet option and something from another, and you're wondering if you can have them together? No problem at all! I can build up a custom reference sheet created specificly for you, aimed to fulfill any of your wishes. Just note me with what you need/have in mind so we can start working out everything!

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

More styles coming soon! :heart:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Extras and Discounts
For simple and small companions (like a little kitty, a Pikachu, etc.) like this: *sample coming soon* there is no extra fee, so it's free <3
For any other sizes/details amount/etc., like this: an extra fee will be applied since it's basically an extra character; feel free to ask for a price.

If it's a simple object, like a ball, a pillow, etc. is free, feel free to ask for prices of more detailed stuff (like weapons).
If the object is furniture, then it won't be counted as extra but will influence the background price instead.

Default background are either transparent, gradient or simple pattern/texture and free.
Prices for scenery backgrounds vary on complexity (from simple ones like water+ sky to a fully detailed interior of a room for example), feel free to ask. <3

:bulletpink:Custom designs:bulletpink:
If you want me to create a whole new character or a new outfit for your character there will be an extra fee depending on the design's complexity. Please contact me for further info! ^^

If you commission me a character that you previously adopted from me, OR a character of mine (like your OC with my OC) you get 25% off! :heart:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

:bulletgreen:Will Do:bulletgreen:
    :bulletgreen: Ocs :bulletgreen: Fanart :bulletgreen: Girls, boys, traps, herms, gender swap, genderless :bulletgreen: Avatars (like Gaia online/TinierMe avatars) :bulletgreen: Couples/Groups (CanonxOC, OCxOC,CanonxCanon, Yaoi, Yuri and even incest are ok) :bulletgreen: Ecchi/Sexy, Hentai/R18/adult art :bulletgreen: Humans/Furries/Animals/Pokθmon/Monster girls/Hybrids :bulletgreen: Gijinkas (animals/creatures/pokemon/objects/whateveryouwant in a human form) :bulletgreen: "Light" gore (like blood and such) :bulletgreen: Basically anything's not on my "Won't Do" list ^^

:bulletred:Won't Do:bulletred:
    :bulletred: More than 3/4 people in R18 pics/orgies :bulletred: Characters with only written description (no visual refs) :bulletred: Complex Mecha/Armors (we can discuss about armors though <3) :bulletred: Some fetishes :bulletred: Old people, buff-ness, awfully big boobs (I do big boobs, but I have my limits xD; ) :bulletred: Anything else I refuse to draw

How to Order and ToS
If you pay with cash, I use PayPal ONLY
My PayPal address is:
Please be aware it's .it and not .com! Many people take it wrong but it's .it as I'm italian!

I'll show you a sketch before requiring payment, both for points and cash (unless I'm opening commissions for an emergency, then I require full payment upfront). After sketch is shown and eventual changes made I require full payment in order to work any further. Not paying in 48h after I ask you to pay will result in your commission being canceled (made exception for extra case, like being without computer, on holiday, etc.)

:bulletpink:Terms of Service:bulletpink:
By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms;

    ---MY ART IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, you can use it as reference for your oc when commissiong/trading with others, journal skins, whatever you want, but don't claim it as yours, give me credit for artwork, don't re-sell it, and don't post it to other sites unless you asked me, please! (I'd like to know where my drawing goes to ;A; ) ---BE PATIENT. I get sick a lot, have to babysit, currently in a shitty family condition and studying for a 3-years-in-1 schedule. Plus, I put much effort in my art, and it takes a lot of time! You don't want a rushed art and I don't want an unhappy customer, so please respect this. I may, however, refund you (see next point) or add a little extra to your commission if I feel like I'm taking way too much time (extra may be a more detailed coloring, fullbody instead of halfbody, animation, more detailed bg, a free chibi commission, etc.) Please do NOT expect an extra. It is at my own discretion if giving them or not. And if you're skeptical, yes, I've already handed out them before, just look at my gallery. ---NO REFUNDS. Once I approve your commission, shown you the sketch, and you paid me there's no way back. So think carefully before commissioning me, if you don't like my style enough/don't agree to my terms/whatever. You CAN'T ask for a refund, but I CAN give you a refund and cancel the commission if I feel like: 1) the art is taking too much time (several months) ; 2) I feel I'm not able to complete your commission (I'm sick, the commission makes me feel uncomfortable, etc) ; 3) you're being rude and I'm sick of working with you. ---NO EDITS. Once I show you the final sketch and you approve it, I will NOT make any changes to your commission (like adding a character, different pose, different outfit, etc. ) The only edit you can ask is to have a version without bg (if your commission included one), or to change colors (if I still have the .sai file; I usually delete it after commission is delivered and commented by you). ---ABOUT DIFFERENT RESOLUTIONS; I always start working with a 400x400 canvas for chibis, and 1100x1600 for everything else, changing size on how I see fit. Resolution is always 300dpi. I used to work on bigger canvas sizes, but stopped because SAI would always freeze and/or crash, making it harder and slower to work properly. I can change size upon request though, in case you wanna use the pic as a wallpaper, print it, etc. but with an exception: if the size is under 2000/2300px no problem, but if you want it even bigger I'll have to ask you to pay a small fee, especially if it goes around 3000px. I'm sorry, but as I already mentioned with my little netbook is very hard to work on big canvases. ---ABOUT WIPs; as stated before, I always show a sketch of your commission before asking for any payment, and you can ask any modification to it. If you ask me to completely change the pose/idea/design I have the rights to use the scrapped one for personal use/future commissions/adoptables. After showing the sketch I usually send no more WIPs (made exception for custom designs and reference sheets), but you're more than welcome to ask for more. ^^ ---COPYRIGHTS; all the rights on the character are of course yours if it is your OC and I will give always proper credit to you (or to your friend / creator in case of gifts / fanart), and you can use the drawing for personal use how you want as explained above, but the drawing itself it's still MY own work and as such I can use however I please (to advertize my commissions, print in an artbook, etc.) and post it wherever I want, unless you give me a valid reason (it's a surprise, it has embarassing themes, etc.) ---Rules are subject to change however I see fit. Please avoid commissioning me if you don't agree to them. Any question is more than welcome though! ^^

:bulletpink: Order Form (NOTE me!) :bulletpink:

♥ Username and PayPal address: (so that I know who already paid easily! *only username of course if you're paying with points*)
♥ Commission Type: (type *chibi/semichibi/moe/regular/feral* + size *fullbody/halfbody* + color *flat/cell shade/soft shade* + number of character/s *single/couple/trio/etc.*)
♥ Reference: (PICTURE references only please, I will treat your order as a custom design otherwise! Extra info like personality, abilities, etc. are loved though!)
♥ Extra Wishes: (anything you can think of! Want a particular pose? A change of hairstyle? Something to write in the picture? You want it to be R18? Anything! Background information if you want one goes here as well!)
♥ Total Payment: (if you're requesting a custom/something with a price range feel free to ask me)
♥ Expected delivery time: (give me an estimation on how much you're willing to wait, that way I can organize better; please allow at least one week for chibi/semichibi/pony and two weeks for everything else, more if I already have other commissions to work on before yours)
♥ By commissioning you, I agree to your Terms of Service (don't change this line and please, be sure to really read my terms above, thank you)

And that's all for now! Any question / tips, just ask! ^^
Thanks for reading <33333

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I'm guessing since you're closed to commissions in general you'd be closed to those as well, yes?
If so, any chance I could be notified when you're open again? ;u; I love your OS so much, I'd pay pretty much any price you name for a custom, heh.
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