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November 25, 2012
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PokeGijinka Adopts-Johto trio! by Desiree-U PokeGijinka Adopts-Johto trio! by Desiree-U
Previous set:
Hoenn set coming next!

Alright, in my last poll seems that the gijinka-fied Johto starters won, so here you are this new adoptable set! <3
Johto is my favorite region EVER so I had lots of fun doing them! Johto starters are the best imo ;u; :heart:
This time I must say I like Cyndaquil the most, aaaah, I wanna keep her but I was already so lucky to get the Bulbasaur ;___;
Hope they can at least get a new good home ;u;

This auction is both for cash AND points: 1€=120 :points:
This time I added also an AutoBuy option, and whoever ABs gets also an extra!

As always, prices are different for all of them depending on how much I'm satisfied with the design OTL;;

This auction is going on FA as well so be quick to grab yours!
Auction ends in a week!

-To bid, reply to my comment "BID HERE";
-You cannot retract your bid;
-Upon winning, I expect full payment in 24h;
-Upon winning, the character is all yours; you can change name, gender, colors, give a backstory, etc; as long as the original design is still recognizable;
-Don't resell and don't claim the design as your own;
-Give them lots of love! And feel free to show me any picture you draw/get of them, I'd LOVE to <3333
-Currency for cash is EURO;
-PayPal/points only

---:bulletgreen:Chikorita (CLOSED)
Adopted by *whitemistrose

--Starting bid: 8€/960 :points:
--Min. bid increment: 2€/240 :points:
--Current bid: 14€ by *whitemistrose
--AutoBuy: 35€/4200 :points: (for the AB you get also a free animated chibi!)

---:bulletred:Cyndaquil (CLOSED)
Adopted by *whitemistrose

--Starting bid: 12€/1440 :points:
--Min. bid increment: 2€/240 :points:
--Current bid: none
--AutoBuy: 42€/5040 :points: (for the AB you get also a free animated chibi!)

---:bulletblue:Totodile (CLOSED)
Adopted by *Krisseh-poo
(originally bought by *whitemistrose )

--Starting bid: 10€/1200 :points:
--Min. bid increment: 2€/240 :points:
--Current bid: none
--AutoBuy: 38€/4560 :points: (for the AB you get also a free animated chibi!)

Hope you like my designs and will consider bidding! It would help me very much! <333
And to those who don't like auctions no worries, next adopts won't be avaible for auction, just simple purchase xD
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8-bitCH Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ho my god, the totodile is PERFECT <3
Totally go for Cyndaquil, so cute
These look so good! I don't know the other generations starters that well but the second gen are probably my favorite. I love how you did Cyndaquil's back and portrayed his sleepy character.
I adore each of their respective designs, but the one that appeals to me the most is Totodile. Considering Totodile is my personal favorite of the Johto starters and that mine actually was a female, I really cannot help but be drawn to her. She definitely is the punk of the group, lol. Great job on them all, though! They each really bring out the essence of the Pokemon. :D
WaterFoxGlory Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh... The Cyndaquil is so cute! >o<
pretty pretty prettyyyy >w< :la::la:
so cute Cyndaquil!!!!
Desiree-U Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot <3
Eheh, Cyndaquil is my fav as well here >w<
you are welcome!! >w<
ooh owo
I really love these <3
Especially how you incorporated a green highlight in Chikoritas hair, and Cyndqaquil is super awesome.
Desiree-U Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot dear, glad you like my designs <33
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