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July 12, 2012
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If We Were to Reborn... by Desiree-U If We Were to Reborn... by Desiree-U
"...I would like to play with you again..."

Reading lots of creepypasta + listening to "Regret Message" = THIS
Fanart of my first Pokemon oc, Argento, in his childhood days <3
Sappy and long description ahead, I won't be offended if you skip it |D

I didn't plan to finish this now, since I still have stuff to do that I own to people, but I SO missed drawing my characters and this sketch is done since a lifetime and I was just getting all mushy just at looking at it xD
Also, July 13th is Argento's birthday, he turns 21, my big boy ;v; I just HAD to finish it!
And remember in my journal about my semi-hiatus, where I told you of my revamped passion for Pokemon? Well, I also told you that I went back playing all the games I have, and as I got nostalgic while reading creepypastas I immediatly went back to Silver <3 I didn't play though. Too much sad memories about it and anyway, it doesn't work anymore. But I went to play with Crystal, and while looking at all my old friends, I found Mewberry, a lv.100 Espeon that was the clone of the original one in my Silver game. When I saw the OT "Argento" I stared for a while and had to fought very hard to hold my tears.
Now, Silver was the first game I ever got back when I was 7 years old. Is still the game I love the most :heart: I immediatly fell in love with it and played everyday for hours. I still remember when I've first beaten the Elite Four; I literally started screaming and crying and telling everyone that I did it, it was pretty hilarious x'D
Ahehmn, but anyway; I finished the game and leveled my team to lv.100, and still kept playing it everyday over the years. And no matter which new games I got (at the time Red, Blue and Crystal), I always got back to my main focus Silver and loved my little Pokemon friends as if they were real. But one of my classmates brought his GameShark. For a kid of my age, the mysterious device that could unlock rare Pokemons, unlimeted items and every sort of strange trick looked the coolest thing ever, and I borrowed it from my classmate. I started feeding all the underleved Pokemon in my boxes with Rare Candies, unlocking all the Pokemon I was missing including Mew and Celebi, getting lots of shinies, cloning Pokemon (I had a full box of Lugia o.o) even stealing Pokemon from the Elite Four Karen, 'cause I always thought she was evil xD, and so on. And then my game resetted.
I can't really described how I felt. Shattered. Broken. My friends...where were they? It was no use keeping to switch on and off the power, the Continue option was gone forever. The first explanation I gave myself was that it was all the GameShark's fault, I had corrupted the game with it and everything was gone. After months I tried to restart a new game, but it wasn't the same. And anyway, after a few days it resetted as well, but I eventually moved on thanks to receiving Sapphire. Now I'm conscious that it resetted 'cause the internal battery dried out, part of me still stubbornly thinks it's my fault for cheating, and will always regret it. Since then I never touched a cheat device again.

About the drawing itself, I think that the title clearly speaks for itself. My oc Argento really feels guilty for cheating and always dreams of being back to the "pure" times, with his friends (he's 10/11 years old here, like when he started, and all of his important Pokemon are in the form of how he got them). Also, a little reminder to myself to remember the good times rather than the bad ones. ^^
If you're wondering, Argento is the default name for Silver's italian version, and I didn't have enough imagination to think up a name LOL Also, I identified the in-game character itself as my oc, so its original design was basically Gold/Ethan's one, that's why of those similar clothes in the picture.
About the Pokemon, I don't remember his full team; I only know for sure he had Achona the Feraligatr, Mewberry the Espeon (TMM FTW :dummy: ), Lugia and Pidgeot. But I slightly remember other Pokemon I adored where Togetic, shiny Butterfree, Bellossom and Poliwrath. I got pretty lucky in that gameplay, I got Totodile, Eevee and Togepi females, and found a shiny Butterfree without cheats <3 ...yep, probably my team was pretty gay for a male character xD The only males were Pidgeot and Poliwrath btw, and Poliwrath wasn't often in the team, so xD *pats Pidgeot* Oh, and Achona and Mewberry always had Mystic Water and...Wealthy Coin? I don't remember the english names OTL BUT I LOVED ALL MY BABIES TO PIECES, AND STILL LOVE AND MISS THEM ;A;
Now Argento is turning 21 years old, his design got completely different from the in-game appeareance, and in my story for him officer Jenny took away his "trainer license" (totally made up to justify resetting and such LOL I guess it could be the trainer ID in-game?) for cheating and only left Achona with him, but he managed to save Mewberry trading her to his cousin Kristine/Kristy (who should open a Pokemon shelter or something since she also recovered my sister's Charizard before Red resetted xD). Now he is in my Pokemon Ranger 1 game :3 So yep, he's officially a Ranger now, but every now and then enjoys also being a watcher, breeder, and so on, and loves taking care of orphan Pokemon and helping in the DayCare. :heart: HE'S A FREAKIN' FACTOTUM, WHILE WE ARE IN CRISIS WITH FINDING A JOB //shot Oh, and he's the older brother of my other ocs Silver and the still un-introduced RJ :3
I hope you'll get to know him better, I'm definetely motivated on finishing his current design soon! <3

And uhm, okay, enough with a stupid and childish venting and such </3
If you've read everything, then THANK YOU <3

And sorry if all this fuss over a game was ridiculous to you ;n; Lately I've been so stressed and almost depressed that I tried looking for comfort in my childhood memories, but, even if it feels good at first, that makes me only feel nostalgic T__T

It really means much sharing my childhood with you guys, and I'd LOVE to hear your Pokemon memories as well! ...'cause c'mon, I know you had to do with Pokemon at some point of your life :eyes: ...and if not, childhood memories in general, with any other toy/plush/game you loved ^^

Oh and yes, obviously I'm still in semi-hiatus (semi because you can expect "yes drawing-no comments/replies"); I was trying to refuse to draw personal stuff until I finished all commissions and such, but I really had to pull this out of my heart and it was sketched since months, I couldn't stand looking at it incomplete, and I actually feel much better now...Sorry!

Also, I DO know that Pokemon proprtions/sizes are off, too big or too little, but I don't care, I did this without looking at any refs just to let out my feelings, so please don't point that out!
And ignore the super crappy bg please? I just wanted to hurry and finish this, it was done soooo quickly and anyway I suck at them ;n; xD
Also this comment may have ridicolous typos, but I'm all emotional atm and it's past 2.00 am btw o.o

Hope you like it and thanks for all your lovely support! Kitty loves you all and wishes she could hug you forever! :heart: :huggle: :heart:

...and I swear now I'll work on stuff I owe people otl;;; *slapped*
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LeoWulf123 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Your story made me cry ;-;
it was touching and good job with the art!
i felt the same way kinda sorta when my sister stole and traded all my old pokemon cards for yu-gi-oh cards -.-
VeryaLiona Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your drawing is very beautiful ! ^^
I'm sorry about the loss of your game, cheating devices always mess things up at a certain time...

Pokémon is a big part of my life. I started playing Pokémon Yellow when I was 6 years old. Now I'm playing Pokémon Y. I went into competitive battling last year and I still collect Pokémon cards for the art. :) It's a part of me that will never go away.
Ganet Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
When I am able I believe I should read this long description. The picture itself is adorable, well drawn and perfect... at least that's my opinion. A wonderful drawing and I'm guessing a reminiscent description. Very good. ^^

*Sighs*. All so adorable and cute.
PunchieTheNeko Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
Looks pretty good!
kanbazia Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
this is so freaking awesome :D
Desiree-U Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot ^^
kanbazia Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
well we poketards has to stay together and some of those were in my old pokemon team ^^ eevee, poliwag and oddish.
lugia is my favorite legendary pokemon of all there is so I am glad to see some combining art with my favorite pokemons ^^
Norieh Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
Ahw that's a sweet/sad story and a sweet picture to go with it aswell C'B
lol yes.. regret message is a lovely song :iconheplz:
I really love how you drew Argento, his expression is so sweet and his hair looks so pretty *u*
the pokemon look great too! I really like how the pidgey and totadile came out
faytedragon Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
...I could die of the cuteness.... I could DIE.
Mr-biscuits Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
how'd you color this?
please reply :)
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