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August 5, 2013
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:CM: Summer Time! by Desiree-U :CM: Summer Time! by Desiree-U
:star: Commission for *whitemistrose! <333 :star:

Tbh, I got really artblocked on this for some reason :<
But in the end I did my best to make it look good ;v;

This commission features *whitemistrose's Kasumi and *Krisseh-poo's Alira!
Was meant to be a surprise for Krissy, but I was an idiot and during a night of insomnia and depression I posted a WIP of it. HA I CHANGED THE PICTURE COMPLETELY AT THE END KRISSEH :U
And anyway, me and Kasu got our surprise revenge with that Mewtwo so it's all riiiiight uvu

It was meant to be a CG halfbody commission...bumped it up to a soft shaded + BG picture because I suck and take years to finish stuff. But I still think it's not enough to make it up for to wait so I'll be doing another extra for Kasu <3

Oh, and she wanted specifically the girls to show tan lines! Alira basically has the same concept as the old sketch, while I changed completely Kasumi. I saw this pic [… ] and it inspired me to use a sundress to show the boobies tan lines :U

Btw, this was done fully with SAI. The effects/brush effect aren't from Photoshop, just me experimenting and I must say I like this way of doing sand xD
(even the logo is technically done with SAI, since I just copy/paste it lmaoooo)

Anyway, hope you like it peeps <3
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whitemistrose Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

First of all I want to apologize for being late with commenting on this; it’s been about a week but I’ve been staring at it longingly on my iPhone during my two week trip. 8////8 BUT ALSO I DON’T MIND THE WAIT SO PLEASE DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT, I’m sorry it artblocked you! OTL
Second, I want to say that I. Absolutely. LOVE. This. So much. u///u I saw the wip before and told you that I loved the sketches, but the finished piece is just absolutely stunning and I’m just… I’m really in awe right now and I’m so glad I commissioned you for this. *///* <333 And again, don’t worry about having posted that first wip by accident on your account; you definitely made up with the surprise for the Mewtwo gijinka with me! ;D <3

But oh my gosh. I cannot get over just how beautiful, cute and sexy the girls look, they look fantastic! I’m very pleased that I had decided to ask for a beach picture and it looks so fun and wonderfully perfect, so summery and pretty. *n* But oh my gosh you didn’t have to upgrade this for me!! But I am definitely going to thank you anyway for doing so, it just looks fantastic, the soft shading looks absolutely gorgeous and the BG looks just AMAZING, I love the sand and the water so much you have no idea >///< <3 The texture of the sand is just… WOW?! It honestly legit looks like sand, I am really impressed! I just want to put my feet in it, wowowow!! And the water and the whitecaps in the waves, it looks so gorgeous and just alkdsjfadfslkj <33333 And like Krissy said, I love the atmosphere and it’s just… wow *///* <333 The folds in Alira’s towel look fabulous as well! The folds, the positioning, how it appears to have moved due to Alira moving on it… <333 And that LIGHTING for sunrays, wow *///*

I just want to say that hot DAYUM Alira looks absolutely hot and sexy, along with cute due to both it being the blonde we know and love, and your style u///u <3 That anatomy is just great, her body is accurate to how Krissy describes/draws it, and just wowowow! Her back curve may be just one of my absolute favorite parts and her TUMMY and just her BUM and LEGS and AHHH. You can just see that she has a bit of muscle/abs on her stomach, all her hard work (that Krissy torments her for) really pays off uwu <3 And AHHH her tanned skin looks gorgeous! I love how you showed how much she tanned by showing a bit of her bum hehe <333 And those EYES. Sharp and big, beautifully colored. <333 Ahhh. It really adds to her expression, especially since she looks so serious and isn’t smiling; opposite of Kasumi! Her little blush is cute as well ahhh. AND HER HAIR IS SO PERFECT LIKE WOWOW I’m glad I gave you that one sketch Krissy did for her braid, just, mmm. <3 It flows so nicely and those curls and the color is just GORGEOUS. I love the lighting and shading, it’s so perf. <3 And oh god that bikini. That bikini. Just… so perfectly her. Tight, criss-crossing strings, black and little blue hearts?? Sexy with that hint of cuteness. <3
And now onto my precious baby girl that you always draw and color so perfectly and sweetly!

Just… gosh, wow. <3 That perspective and anatomy looks so fantastic and gorgeous! Her boobs look so great and cute, and that tanline on her, mm.  <3 I’m absolutely loving it! And her hips look simply delicious as Krissy said, and those legs, ahh! Her arms and hands are so sweet and cute as well, I love how she’s holding onto her adorable hat that goes so nicely with that cute and sweet sundress, ahhh 8///8 <3 I’m loving the purple that you used, her little dress is so cute and it’s just so her to wear something like that to the beach! AND THE LITTLE RIBBON ON HER HAT. PERFECT. <333  She looks like she’s having so much fun it makes me so happy to see my baby like this >u< <3 And her hair, oh my gosh, it looks so perfect I just…!! And the fact the strap of her dress just fell of her shoulder, like wow, definitely adds a bit of sexiness to my cutie pie <3 AND HOW IT GOES TRANSPARENT BY HER LEGS?? Innocently sexy and perf, oh gosh. <3 Her curls all free and falling so nicely, and so long and gorgeous, I am so jealous of how you draw her hair <333  Again, one of my absolute favorite things? Her eyes. <3 They're so open and friendly and gorgeous and sweet and ahhh. u///u She just looks absolutely precious and beautiful and sweet and just ahhh <3 Oh goodness I just think it’s absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much for this gorgeous piece of work,  and I am so glad that Krissy loves it as well (though I knew she would uwu <3)! I am absolutely in love, thanks so much!!

The two of you are just too wonderful to me, honestly, I am so spoiled. ;////;
I just cannot even with this- first the first commission sketch as a surprise, then the FREAKING AWESOME MEWTWO GIJINKA WHICH KILLED ME, then I come to see this updated pic and it’s just so beautiful it’s going to hurt my heart in the best way possible. ;v;

Our girls just look so amazing, cute and sexy I don’t think I’m ever going to get over it! The overall theme of the picture is just WAY too cute and fun, and wonderfully perfect for summer! >u<  I am in love with the atmosphere you’ve set up overall, especially just those little details you include to make it go that much further. ;v; 
I LOVE the texture for the sand you used- it’s awesome you were able to do that in SAI without using a bunch of textures like in photoshop.  It definitely looks like legit sand, and I love the lighting and shading bits that really help to raise up and lower the levels of the sand like they naturally would on the beach from people walking on it. <3 
Alira’s towel also looks great- of course that colour is wonderfully perfect for her ehehe <33  And you did great with the folds and their positioning.  It looks how it would as if it was a real towel, moving a bit by getting caught with the person’s body movements as well as and it just looks great with alira hnnng *v*
I also love the little bit of water up in the corner by Kasumi and how the whitecaps of the waves look as it comes into shore. >v<  Really just so gorgeous, and like I said before really shows how you go that extra step to make things look so good. <3  And let’s not forgot the lighting and the sun’s rays just looks like such a delicious summer day mmmmm *v*

Ok, now look at our precious babies themselves I could stare at this for the next 900 years. ;v;
Right, Alira, my beautiful blonde beach baby. ;v;
First off that anatomy I don’t think I will ever get over it.  She looks so perfect and it’s just so absolutely accurate to her bodytype I think I might die. */////*  Everything looks so well done, your anatomy has just improved in leaps and bound this past year especially, and it’s an honour to see my most precious baby *m* 
I cannot stop staring at that backcurve, it just looks so great the way it’s arched, and of course GIRL LOOKIT DAT TUMMY, it’s perfect since alira has muscle/a tiny bit of stomach to her and this looks great I just */////*  And also that booty, it’s so nicely drawn and well formed ekeke >v>   Not to mention the shape of those arms and legs are also spot on I will never get over it. ;v;
Now oh my gosh that delicious colouring all over her skin! The way it accentuates some of her curves and really helps define her body and really show the contours <333 I love it around her stomach of course, and her back too, my goodness me <3333  And of course how it helps define her butt, not to mention those tanlines ehehe <33  Doesn’t surprise me that on her arms and hands and legs its so lovely and smooth too, and girl those lighting bits are just so super pretty <3
Now onto her pose and expression mmmm, the pose is just too perfect for her- reading a book is totally something she’d do on the beach, and that cute little book is drawn fantastically as well ;v; Also her expression is just so wonderful it’s just so her how she’s looking over at the camera/spectator.  I also really love how sharp her eyes appear in contrast to Kasumi’s more friendly open ones- really helps show personality! And of course the colouring in them is STUNNING and that blush and lips mmm tasty <333
Of course her hair oh my god I’m gonna die ;/////;  It looks SO PRETTY.  I love how light the blonde works in the sun, down to its sandy colour in the braid!  And the detail in all those strands is so wonderful I just want to run my fingers through it <333  Not to mention how it all looks flowing into the braid, then the wonderful curls at the end oh goodness me ;v;
Finally, that bikini mmmm, it’s so sexy <333  I love he top, and how you even defined the crinkles where the string would pull it tight, and how the string criss-crosses over!    Also on her bottoms I love the little blue hearts and how its also held together by a criss-cross strap, it’s just so precious. ;v; So much love ;v;

Now to Kasumi goodness me precious cutie. ;v;
Her anatomy looks fabulous too!  Look at how much you’ve improved with perspective it just looks so incredible <333   I love how the boobs look from this angle ekekeke, and those delicious hips and legs we can see underneath her <33
Her skin looks incredible too I cannot get over everything! ;v;  It looks so smooth and wel done, and I love how it looks like she’s definitely getting a tan, and those tanlines definite add something better <3 I love how your colouring really defined her chest area too with those collar bones.  Not to mention I really love how soft the skin on her legs
I really love how much fun it looks like she’s having too!  Such a great atmosphere like I said before, and how she’s holding onto her hat in a breeze as well as how it looks like she’s just been enjoying herself all day <333 Her smile just brings great joy to my face. uvu*
And now her hair oh gosh ‘v’  I love how she just let her curls flow free and they look so wonderful and precious. ;v;  I LOVE how it’s coloured as well, those little shadows really help to emphasize the curls and oh goodness the little spots of lighting just look too sweet. ;v; 
AND NOW THAT CUTE LITTLE BEACH OUTFIT SHE HAS *A*  First of all I LOVE the hat, I think that was an excellent touch for her sweet little Kasumi, it’s just SO her.  I really love the shadows on it, the bit of purple in with the brown looks great and I love how it goes so nicely with that purple bow, just too cute <333  And now her dress is the cutest thing ;v;  the detail of it falling off her one shoulder is so wonderful! Also how it appears slightly transparent on her legs and is just so innocently precious yet so perfect for her and beautiful ‘v’

Thank Kasu SO much for commissioning this, and of course to you for drawing it. ;v;  I love it to pieces really, it’s made me so happy >v<  I will treasure this forever so thank you both again. ;v;

Neko-No-Te Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sexy characters in an impressive perspective. What more could you ask for? :love:
Nice coloration btw.
Awww this is so cute and lovely! I love the angle you have drawn them in, like we are all looking down on them tanning ^^ teehee

I really love the tan lines it just adds so much to the drawing and its so cute! ^^
I love getting tan lines, its the only way you can see just how much you have tanned :la: Its kinda exciting haha... omg I am so sad xD

I also really love the way you have drawn the sand, its so textured and looks just like sand, its amazing! :heart: 

Your so inspirational :love: <33333333
Lanokir Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOw, so sexy and cute, really great work you put on that. >u< Glad to hear you are out of the artblock, nasty buggers. D8
Conicz Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whaa *-* This is amazing *33* This artwork is so detailed ^^
TL-97 Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, the skin really did come out looking great. You again pulled off an effective and different perspective too. ^^
GoodKittyNyanchan Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:icongoodjob-plz: Nyu certainly did a good job with the tan lines-nya. :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:
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